25 years on…

Well done for finding this page!

I extend a warm welcome to all to the Kendrick Hire Silver Jubilee Re-union lunch.

In February 2019, I shall be 70.  Further, September 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Speedy hire buying Kendrick Hire – so it seems to be an ideal time for a celebration.

Looking back, I realise that the 21 years of Kendrick Hire’s existence were the happiest years of my working life. And from snippets I’ve picked up, there are others for whom their time on KH were the most enjoyable of their working years. I have had mild encouragement to have a Kendrick Hire re-union before. But I didn’t really want to be at a do where I was looking backwards, and everybody else was looking forwards.

None of us should feel guilty after 25 years.

Kendrick Hire ‘open days’ became legendary for a time. They succeeded basically because the atmosphere was so good. Like our open days, this do is ‘all welcome’. Because this lunch will be slightly more formal, we would be grateful to have some idea about numbers in advance.

This day is not intended to be a thank you – one day could never begin to do that – but it is hoped we all enjoy ‘chewing the cud’.

If you want to ask anything about the lunch or know somebody who’d be keen to come, please do it through the website, or Tom or Graham. If you want to be in touch with me about anything else, please call or email. I haven’t really adopted mobiles.

I don’t expect to recognise everybody – age is unforgiving. I’d be pleased to meet a stranger who says, “You won’t remember me. I was a work experience boy at X depot. I now run….”

Thank you – I look forward to seeing you.

David Kendrick